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Know a Victim of Ransomware? 

That’s a cybercrime, where criminals infect your server or website with malware that locks up all of your files, and holds your business ransom for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It literally can shut down your business for weeks to months.

If you’re any type of business, you should know that it’s not a matter of “if” the cybercriminals are coming for your website, it’s a matter of “when.”

We are one of the ONLY hosting companies who successfully remediates against ransomware, plus other malware like viruses, trojan horses and other hacking attacks. We provide FIVE different levels of backups, and in case you ever do get hacked, include emergency service at no additional cost, to keep your website up and running.

We offer premium, fast, local, business-class web hosting on shared, dedicated IP and dedicated servers. You’re in St. Louis, we’re in St. Louis, and our servers are in downtown St. Louis, on the backbone of the internet. Our difference also includes real customer service: you talk to a manager, not a server tech. And we take your actual phone call even on evenings and weekends; we don’t force you to communicate only through email or chat online.

This premium service starts at only $49.95/month. Email us now (click here) to get the ball rolling. And you'll enjoy website hosting peace of mind like you've never before had.

(this service is only for Content Management System websites built on Wordpress and Joomla cores. Sorry, we do not host Microsoft ASP.net sites.)